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Anonymous SENT: What's your name/ how old are you?


Apr 07 2014

Anonymous SENT: have you ever taken percocet? is it a good high + how much should i take

no but eminem says it’s good

i bought queenofcannabis a new bong and she has a hickey on her boob

bong boobs weed art mine 

Anonymous SENT: what's oxy like compared to xanax? i love xanax and i've always wanted to try oxy but ive been scared because people always say it's so addictive

oxy is way addictive. it’s not like xanax, it’s more like vicodin on steroids. like a weak heroin like everything bad melts away and everything is perfect

dinner is served
appetiser - clear your nostril.
main course - 5 grams of quality cocaine. pick up your utensil (a rolled $100 bill), cut up a line with your chanel card, and enjoy.
dessert - oral sex.

rollupells SENT: Fuck. I want coke!

just bought five grams come over n give me money or oxy I’ll give u some

Anonymous SENT: How much does coke cost?

a gram should go for 50, 40 if it’s not top quality or you’re hot. fishscale goes for like 100 a gram but goddamn the comedown… u need fkin bars

Anonymous SENT: how to buy all th drgus

be rich have sketchy connects

Anonymous SENT: all drugs

idek what u ppl r talking about anymore

Anonymous SENT: i dont know what that means


Anonymous SENT: How many bars do you take per day?

hmm i remember waking up and taking 5 then it’s all a blur def took like 5-8 more it was a good day

Anonymous SENT: Why were the triple c's on your other blog white on top?

bc i scraped off the stuff that makes u vom


serving platter

guess what’s for dinner?

Anonymous SENT: dtf drugs

what are u gna stick ur dick in a bag of coke ???

Anonymous SENT: do you know the muffin man

no i know the quinoa man